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To provide punctuality, value for money products and continuously improve production technology and service level.

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The company has advanced machinery and equipment, exquisite processing technology, strict and effective business management.

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All kinds of products are available, and passed the national testing standards, and have been exported to Europe, the United States, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

Jinhua Kangmai Tools Co.,Ltd

Jinhua Kangmai Tools Co.,Ltd specialize in producing gas mask , safety goggle , ears , dust mask , welding mask , electrode holders , glove , hardware etc. precise producing technology , and strict managing measures . With a satisfactory variety of norms up to the national standards for exporting , all our products are well selling far abroad to Europe , the USA , Middle East and many other countries and districts.

Our target is to meet customers’ requirements and provide valuable products. We will continuously improve the upgrade production & technology level , service level and the most favorable prices serve the old and new clients wholeheartedly...

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Full range of products to meet customer needs

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Strength, brand, professional skills, technological talents, innovation and technology will never stop.
Labor protection supplies new requirements: demand not only securityfashion

Outdated appliances for labor protection should be handledtime

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